10 workouts without equipment

10 workouts without equipment

It is completely possible to get a smoking hot body while you save money on the gyms. Why would you want to spend all that money if you can save and get the same results at home?

Home gyms are new IT these days and people are taking advantage of every exercise that can be done at home to stay fit and healthy.


Squats are cheap and easy. They are a one move exercise which helps build up your core and helps in making your abs ripped and strong. Position yourself with your feet placed in line with your shoulders. Lower yourself in sitting position and keep your back straight. Stand up and repeat.


Boxing helps you lose over 600 calories in an hour. It will make you focused, active, strong and most of all, lose weight. So get yourself an easy setup punching bag that you can fix in your attic or garage and start punching your weight away!

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Planks are the most under-rated exercises even after it is cheap and effective. Get into a push-up position and bend your elbows at a 90 degrees angle and support yourself on your elbows. Hold it for as long as you can by forming a straight line of your legs, hips, and shoulders.

Butterfly stretch

Stretching is a great way to start your day and this is a perfect way to make your body flexible for every exercise you’ll begin. Start with sitting tall on the floor and keep the soles of your feet together. Bend your knees and grab your feet with hands and engage your abs. exhale and repeat.


Swimming makes you lose over 600 calories in one hour. ONE HOUR. Even if you are super slow, you would lose around 400 calories. So if you have a small swimming pool in your backyard, now is the time to start using it. You can start basic swimming strokes including breaststroke, backstroke and free stroke etc.

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Mountain climbers

Imagine you are climbing uphill on all fours. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles and after that, lift your foot off the floor and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as possible. Get back to starting position.

Single-leg stretch

It’s kind of Pilates. Lay on your back and keep your legs high. Raise your right leg up completely and reach it with your right hand. Elevate your head and then hold your calf. Inhale and repeat four times at least for each leg.

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Balance chop

Stand with your feet wide and hold a dumbbell in your both hands. Then rotate your abdomen and raise the dumbbell over your head. After that, lift your knee as you rotate your abdomen bringing the dumbbell across the body till it is near your hip. Repeat and then switch sides.

Plank row

Get down in a push-up position while your toes are touching the floor and your hands are holding dumbbells. Then make your body shift to a side plank position and then pull the right arm dumbbell up to your chest. Balance it on your right arm. Then put your arm down and lift the left arm to the chest. Repeat for at least 3-4 times.


This is a very famous yoga pose. Begin with sitting on the floor and your legs spread out in front of you. Rest your arms on the side and then slowly bend your knees. Lift your chest and lift your feet to knee height at the same time. Reach with your hands and grab your knees. Hold for at least 1-2 minutes.

This list covers all exercises which will help you tone your muscles, abdomen, shoulders, arms, legs, hips and even making your back stronger. So scroll through all of them, and make a plan of workouts that you can easily follow them. Make sure that you balance your diet with them, add fruits and vegetables to your diet, drink a lot of water as well. You can have your own gym at your house and stay fit with no cost or equipment.

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