How cleaning up her home helped one woman lose 50 pounds

How cleaning up her home helped one woman lose 50 pounds

Weight loss is a reduction of body weight caused either by involuntary or voluntary procedures. In most cases weight loss occurs due to the reduction of body fat, but in instances of extreme loss of weight, protein, and other essential elements in the body may also be minimized. Voluntary weight loss procedures are influenced by personal interests but involuntary weight loss is mainly associated with diseases such as cancer or chronic inflammation.

Body weight is influenced by the quantity and the quality of food we take and also the amount of energy we consume when undertaking our daily activities. Calories are the means used to measure energy and metabolism is the total count of all chemicals processes inside the body of a living organism that assist in sustaining life.

Basal metabolic rate is the total number of calories that a body requires to sustain the essentials body processes. If you do not add weight, this shows that the amount of energy consumed by your body is almost the same with the energy provided by the foods you eat. But, if you are gaining weight, this simply means that the amount of energy consumed by your body is much less compared to the energy offered by the food you eat.

How cleaning up her home helped one woman lose 50 pounds

The best way for weight is minimizing the quantity of calories you consume and increasing the amount of calories you burn via physical activity. You can attain this by reducing your food intake and increasing the amount of physical activity you undertake. House hold chores and cleaning up the house helped one woman to lose 50 pounds simply putting them into practice.

Here are some of the important house hold chores that assist individuals especially women to reduce their body weight up to or more than 50 pounds.

  1. Use you Vacuum Clear Machine As your Exercising Aid

Start using your vacuum cleaner as an exercising aid. How do you apply this? It is very easy. Execute forward lunges when you lead the vacuum cleaner forward. Do these for 20-25 minutes of lunges while moving the vacuum; this will assist you in having appropriate hip and thigh workout. In order to make it more effective and efficient, increase the speed of vacuuming and that of lunging. By doing this you will be able to complete your task in time and you also gain brisk cardio work out.

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  1. Get Some Weight Training

You should get appropriate weight training opportunities on a daily basis. You can do this by carrying garbage bag, laundry bags, grocery bags and any other heavy weights that you can easily move around the house. You should do this in order to strengthen your arms. It is a good way to minimize the flab around your arms.

How cleaning up her home helped one woman lose 50 pounds

  1. Do Your Own Laundry 

Cleaning your clothes, lifting them, folding them and ironing them, assists you burn large quantities of calories. Therefore, start using your washing machine and your clothes as your private loss weight trainer. Place your clothes in the washing machine, do not dry using the machine, and instead take them out to sundry. Follow this procedure by ironing and folding your clothes. All these practices are essential body workout techniques that mainly assist your upper body.

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  1. Use Your Time in the Kitchen To Exercise

You can simply get the best results while exercising in the kitchen by doing some basic aerobics exercises. You can dance, when stirring the soup, or cleaning kitchen cabinets. You should always keep in mind to move your feet back and forth. Squeeze your backside, add little jumps and rotate your hips as the routine continues. In order to get better results ensure that the music is on; this will allow your body to naturally sway to the music.

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  1. Scrap The Floor of Your House

When cleaning the floor, use the traditional methods of cleaning the floor. You can easily do this by bending down on both hands and legs and start scrubbing the floor. By pushing our hands forward when scrubbing the floor, stretch your chest the furthest point possible and tighten your stomach muscles. Do not allow your hips to sag. This technique will assist you in getting rid of the excess fat that prevents you from having a flat belly.

The amount of calories you burn relies on the activities you undertake on a daily basis. Your weight and the energy consumed when undertaking a given varies because different tasks require different amount of energy to complete them. Use can also use other house hold methods to reduce weight, such as using the stairs more frequently. For each and every activity you undertake in your house make sure you are exercising as you complete it.

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