Excellent Reaction Time for Martial Arts Exercises

Developing Excellent Reaction Time for Martial Arts Exercises

Combat sports and martial arts are highly reflex and action dependent activities. These are extremely unpredictable sports and activities, where wrong reaction could mean life or death. To put in more simple terms, it means that without the right tactics of martial arts exercises, you would either be knocked down or be able to stay on your feet. You would have to either get submitted to an opponent or get submitted on your own. For some martial art fighters the reflexes come naturally, but it is not that these reflexes cannot be developed at all. There are various means in which great reflexes can be developed via various means.

Mentioned below are some amazing ways in which reflexes can be improved during fitness training programs of martial arts:

  • Using a reaction ball can help

The reaction ball is one of the best tools which can be used for improving reflexes and overall reaction time. A reaction ball is extremely small, six-sided ball, which has the capacity of bouncing in unpredictable directions when it is thrown against solid and flat surfaces. Practicing with reaction balls not only help in improving reaction time, but quickness of feet and hands along with improving hand-eye coordination. Wall toss and drop and catch are the most common exercises which can be done with the reaction ball. Along with improving reflex actions, practicing with a reaction ball also strengths other muscles of the body and makes one physically fitter and more active.

  • Managing colored ball throws

The colored ball throw exercise is one of the most challenging reaction development exercises that you can practice. Each color represents different kinds of actions that you need to take when the ball if thrown at you. some of the most prominent actions include punching, catching, kicking, dodging, catching once with right hand and once with left hand, catching with both hands etc. For practicing these exercises, you will need a partner to help you. Initially the speed of the exercise will be slow, but with more practice you can improve the speed considerably.

  • Keeping a clear head is very important

One of the most important things for having great reaction time and good reflex is a clear head. Having a clear head is not only required in martial art forms, it is needed in all kinds of activities and actions that you perform. Over focusing and panicking will only make situations worse and you will be beaten down by the opposition easily. Remaining calm with a clear head helps in better focusing on things and thus when opportunities arrive, you will be able to concentrate on the same in better manner. Relaxing and breathing exercises are best manners in which the head can be kept clear and reflexes can be improved.

  • Action/Reaction combination drilling

For martial arts, which are strike-based, mitt works or reactive pads are extremely useful and straightforward way of developing reaction times. Whether you are striking with martial arts swords or other martial art equipments, reaction time is important for two things – counter attacking as well as defending. Sometimes stimulated attacks can come at unpredictable moments and angles and without reflex. Learn holding the swords and other equipments in proper manner so that you can inflict the blow on the opponent in the right angle and with proper force.

Do not make haste in improving these reflex actions. Develop them slowly yet solidly so that your martial art skills are honed in the right manner.

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