Does Waterpik Remove Plaque The Underlying Facts

Does Waterpik Remove Plaque: The Underlying Facts

Definition: Dental Plaque

Dental plaque is an ever present substance in our teeth. It is that soft, sticky, slimy and colorless matter that attaches to the front, back and in-between our teeth; they also attach themselves to the gumline. You can easily notice it when you closely look at your teeth in the mirror and turn pale yellow or brown when they become tartar.

Plaques are natural occurring mass of bacteria that may become harmful if they are not removed daily. The bacteria react with the sugar in food substances to form acid that eat away at the gum line. Even so, a long and unfettered buildup of plaque results into tartar and cause tooth decay because of the acidic concentration.

Similarly, tartar affects the gums and leads to gum diseases such as gingivitis or a more severe gum disease called periodontics.

Gingivitis: It is a plaque induced gum disease that is not so severe. The plaque accumulates in the small gaps between the teeth, and then reacts with sugar from food substances to form acids that gradually attack the gum.  Its symptoms include

  • Causes the gums to swell;
  • Bleeding easily after brushing or flossing;
  • They become very red or  in colour;
  • And painful because of high sensitivity to touch.

Periodontics:  Untreated gingivitis results into periodontics which is a more severe gum disease. It destroys the structure (gums, cementum, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone) around the teeth and may lead to its loss.

Solution To Dental Plaque

FLOSSING: When it comes to solving dental plaque, the major solution on every dentist’s mouth is the need to practice better dental hygiene. And that involves not only brushing the teeth twice everyday but also water flossing daily as well. Most people think that brushing is all they need to keep their mouth clean, but the fact remains that while toothbrushes are designed to brush out surface food particles and plaque that are stuck in the teeth, they do not penetrate the tiny gaps between teeth.

Unfortunately, this is where disease causing plaques are mostly found; where they grow unrestrained and emit acidic contents that destroy the enamel. But with flossing, you are sure of having every one of it removed.

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DENTAL CHECKUP: Another solution involves regular visits to the dentist so that they can check the teeth for any tartar growth and scrape them out before they become dangerous. And while at the dentist’s office, you are sure to be advised to make brushing and flossing a daily dental routine.

What Is Flossing?

Flossing is simply an activity that involves using dental floss to remove plaques and food particles stuck in the teeth and gum. It is a cleaning that touches the tiny gaps in-between the teeth and is more efficient for the removal of plaques in the mouth. You can floss using any means such as:

  1. Interdental brushes: They are special brushes with bristle heads designed in various with and adopted to fit in the spaces between the teeth.
  2. Dental floss: This is the more traditional form of flossing and involves the use of a string-like material to remove plaques and food particles. The string is wound round the fingers on both hands and then manipulated to do the cleaning between the teeth. However, using it effectively requires expertise and dexterity.
  3. Floss pick: they are adapted from dental floss but are easier to use. It is made of plastic with a little piece of dental floss running between two edges.
  4. Water flosser: They are also called oral irrigator and involve the use of a forceful stream of water to remove plaques and food debris. Water flossing is a more modern and automated form of flossing that has been termed as effective and easy. A brand that has gained both acceptance and popularity it Waterpik.

Does Waterpik Remove Plaque

Totally! Waterpik has all the features designed to tackle every of your plaque problem. From its orthodontic tips to its plaque seeker, Pik pocket and classic jet tips are all designed to rid your mouth off lingering plaques.

What’s more, it has different models to suit every age and lifestyle and was a given a seal of acceptance by the America Dental Association (ADA) and recommended by dentists. One minute of your time a day makes a big difference with Waterpik.

While dental floss or interdental brushes would deter you from flossing while wearing braces, crown or implants because of the interferences of brackets and wires, Waterpik has got you covered with an orthodontist tip designed for that purpose.

You don’t need so much effort or skill with it, you only need to plug in the device, put the tip in your mouth and then start flossing.

With Waterpik you can expect a fast, effective and easy flossing routine every day.

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