Things To Do In The Morning

Things To Do in The Morning :
The sound of the alarm goes down and it is a race to the finish line. You have to make the breakfast, get the kids ready for school. You need to take a shower, wear your dress and pack the lunches. Then you have to drive all the way to the school before the bell rings and reach your office before 9 a.m. meeting.

It’s not surprising at all that by the time you are done with your meeting you feel immensely low on energy. You feel that the energy you gained from your last night’s sleep is all been consumed. Additionally, if you get to handle a sudden crisis at work it can be difficult to manage with that state of mind.

That’s why health nutritionists and experts always advice to take measures in the morning that will help ease a stressful day.  One thing we assure you these steps are not time-consuming so they won’t add in more stress to your already frenetic morning. These tactics will help you in stay refreshed and staying efficient the whole day.

Here are some things that you can try to start your day with in a productive and positive manner.

Stay Away From The Snooze Button
There is a reason why you have set that alarm, so as soon as it goes off – back off from the snooze button.  Even a much better way is to set your alarm ten minutes earlier than the actual time so that you can begin your day in a relaxed manner.

Forget What Happened Yesterday
Half of us waste our time in stressing about things that happened yesterday. Health experts advise not to stress your mind about things that went wrong the other day as past can’t be changed. So it’s best to focus on the brand new day and make things better today.

Make Your Bed In Morning
After a long tiring day from work you may want to come home and crawl under the bed sheets with a good book. But coming home to a messy bed won’t exactly feel the same. Making your bed in the morning will get your day start right and make it quite easier for you to relax when you come back home.

When you need an immediate energy boost drink a glass of water. It’s important to keep your body hydrated because at times your body needs hydration and that’s why we feel low but instead of drinking water we opt for caffeine or tea. That’s wrong; keep a water bottle by your work desk or bedside just for making the process of hydration convenient for you.

Expect Something That’s Happening
Another way to reduce stress is to think about something that will happen today, something that you are looking forward to. It will give you a positive vibe and you will feel energized all day long.

Write Down Your Inspirational Flash
Did you have an inspirational idea or a dream while you were sleeping? Pen down those ideas once you are awake, otherwise you may forget it later.

Gets Some Daylight
Once you wake up open the curtains or the blinds, it’s important for you to get the natural light to wake up your brain. If it’s still dark in the room, then go out on the balcony, front porch or the back yard to help in perking up.

Morning Exercise
Stretching will assist in getting the blood in your body flowing properly. Start your day with energizing stretching moves.

Begin A Quick, Feared, To Do List Item
Have to take out the garbage and it’s raining outside or you have to empty a full dishwasher of last night, well fretting over it won’t help so it’s best to take the dreaded chore out of your list by completing it.

Put Your Phone Away
If you have a habit of checking your email in the morning, then you may panic about seeing something that needs to be done urgently at work. If you scan social media in the morning then you may get flustered about some sad news. To start your day positively do your best to stay away from your phone until you are completely awake.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast
You are most probably aware of the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But do you really practice this mantra? This meal of your day doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Grab a granola bar or a bowl of yogurt with fruits and you won’t feel hungry.

Whether you are in the shower or getting dressed for work, sing to yourself or hum to the music you are listening to. This will elevate your mood, eliminate any feeling of stress and help you relax.

Begin your day with inner peace by meditating. You can do any kind of meditation that works well for you. You can try to visualize places or images. Or repeat a calming thought, a word or a phrase silently. You can also try deep breaths, where you focus on exhaling and inhaling slowly and deeply.

Massage Yourself
You don’t need to run to the spa every time you think about a massage. To get your blood flowing massage your thighs, calves and feet. Massage each of your hands and arm. Massage your stomach and back gently. Rub your shoulders, scalp and neck.

Author Bio :- Marry Jojo is a freelance writer and blogger. She write tech reviews at Top10BestPro .

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