Reasons Why Running is the Best Exercise

Over the years, the practice of running has decreased. Once it was common practice to run or walk on every morning before having a breakfast and on every evening before going to their bed. Modern available technological tools and our busy life schedule are the main reasons behind the lack of running practice in our life. People focus more on other workout exercises. These exercises have been designed for special muscles and parts of the body. There are few exercises which are for a complete human body like swimming, bicycle riding and running. Swimming and bicycle riding still require some sort of skills for their performance but running is the only exercise as easy as saying one two three. There is no special training required for running either.

Running is equally beneficial for kids, men,and women. It has its own advantages for everyone. Running is considered tough exercise, therefore, we are little reluctant to practice it. If one can’t run with pace then he could walk. There are many exercises but 5 reasons will prove that running is the best exercise among them

  1. Running improves the life expectancy

According to a journal of cardiovascular diseases “runners live three more years than non-runners”. You don’t have to run fast just have a walk, drink or be overweight but still, you will be increasing the life expectancy between 25% to 40%. There is no other exercise with such an impact. This journal says “an hour of running increases the life expectancy by seven hours”. Isn’t it great? If one doesn’t have the stamina of running one hour in a single session then he could make three sessions of 20 minutes each. He could run 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes into the noon break and 20 minutes before going to bed.

People who can’t run they can have a walk. Walk of an hour will still have same benefits as well. In this journal, the author has a view that running increases life expectancy more than swimming and bicycle riding.

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  1. Cheap exercise

Running does not require any special equipment for its practicing it. Everyone knows how to run. There is not even necessity of having a suitable environment for it. You don’t need to go to a gym either. You can start running in a park available in your block. If you don’t have the facility of parks in your vicinity then you could run on roads or in the streets. You only need a pair of joggers and a shirt for running. When it comes to other exercises, you will have a need for special equipment and environment for performing it. Swimming requires a swimming pool and swimming suit for performing it. For swimming, you also need special training. And same is the case with bicycle riding. Gym exercises are even more expensive these days. You need special supplements and training for a workout in the gym. You know the registration expenses of the gyms as well.

  1. Running is best for weight loss

There is no comparison to the benefits of running for weight loss. Running does not only burn calories when you are practicing it but it also burns calories when you are having a rest. Studies have found that running keeps the energy expenditure elevated even during rest. In comparison to other weight loss exercises, running is also time efficient activity. Other exercises take long to workout but running will provide you the enhanced weight loss benefits in just 10 or 20 minutes. This is true that running for an hour requires a lot of health fitness and mental toughness. Once you have grown a habit of running then it will be easy for you in coming days.

Reasons Why Running is the Best Exercise

Runners recommend that average 30 minutes session of running is extremely beneficial for weight loss. In the process of weight loss, one will be having other health benefits as well. The more you run, more you will be burning calories. People who run daily are expected to be smart and in a proper shape than people who don’t run at all. If you are unable to find a proper time for running each day then you could manage your running sessions on weekends. Point is how much you want to be successful in your weight loss goals. Running is extremely beneficial for Moms as it helps them to achieve their physical fitness along with taking care of their child. It will shape their body in better way. Back pain and joint diseases will be reduced through running

  1. Running reduces the chances of heart attack

According to a journal of the American college of cardiology “running for 10-12 minutes reduces the risk of dying from heart diseases”. There is a reason behind this benefit of running. Running help the heart to stay active even during resting time. Therefore, chances of cardiovascular diseases can be reduced immensely with running. Often, physicians recommend running to heart and blood pressure patients.

Running is equally good for joints, legs, waist and even for your brain. Runners would have noticed that at the end of running, you feel good which motivates you to run further. The reason is that running produces feel-good hormones which motivate us and also keep us active all day along.

  1. Running reduces depression

Running has many benefits for the mind as well. Nowadays, almost every other person is a victim of depression. There can be many causes for this problem but running can be the one solution for it. Vigorous exercise like running creates euphoria which helps the runner to come out of depression. Moreover, setting a life goal and fitness goals will help you reduce depression.

Running reduces depression

If you are feeling depressed the start run a mile, believe me, you will be feeling great on your return. Running works quickly through the brain and clears the mind from ill-thinking. Running creates mental toughness and endurance which ultimately help us to cope with depression in an effective way. Courage and stamina are the imperative ingredients for running.

Such are the great benefits of the running. Set a personal fitness goal and start working on it regularly. You would not want to be suffering from fitness issues forever. Running shapes the body in the most aesthetic posture as well. There are thousands of health benefits of running but only persistent and mentally tough persons will like run on daily basis. You could start running using running gadgets as well. You can read here for further information

Author Bio

Wesley is a professional engineer and runner.  He graduated from the University of Florida with the degree, Master of Engineering.  He currently practices engineering all over the United States where he has also been able to participate in a myriad of running events like trail runs, triathlons, and half-marathons (no full marathon…yet!).  His real passion is just being outdoors and he regularly blogs about it at TheRunnersBackpack