Test Your Fitness

You’re always the outgoing, adventures type. You always crave for something that will make your adrenaline rush especially when it’s done outdoors. You love this kind of things, and you always want more. This is your own way of staying fit because the gym never really interests you. You’d rather be trekking, biking or hiking rather than lifting weights inside the gym. You’re inclined to all of these because it can do a lot of things for you – you get to see new sceneries, meet new people, and have fun while being fit!

For years, you’ve done all of these activities within your area, but now, you want to step up your game. You want the world to become your playground to test your fitness. If you’re done with trekking, biking or hiking, you can always participate in various obstacle courses and races around the world. This will be perfect for you since you’re already bored in doing outdoor activities in your area. This list can help you determine where you could want to go for your ultimate fitness test. Let’s get started.

  1. Green Beret Challenge – Commando in the USA

If you’ve always been interested in how the armed forces do their training, book your flightCommando in the USA to the USA right away. This course is based on the Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course (SFAS), also known as “three weeks of hell.” If you want to know more about SFAS, go ahead and ask your friends who are currently working with the US Army.

But to give you an overview, it’s an event where all of the courses that are done in three weeks are squeezed into a day – can you imagine how grueling that can be? It also goes beyond testing your physical fitness because this course will require you to participate in teamwork and use a lot of thinking. It’s a team challenge patterned after US Army’s training.

  • Distance: 13km+
  1. Antarctic Ice Marathon in Antartica

Sure, you may be running marathons within your area but have you tried doing the same while you’re at a subzero temperature? This is what the Antarctic Race is all about. You have to run for 100k near the Ellsworth Mountain, a location close to the South Pole. The whole thing takes place at a place with an altitude of 2,300 feet. This course takes running to a whole new level. Once you’re done with this course, running or even trekking in your area will seem tame to you.

  • Distance: 100k

  1. Dirty Double in Stamford, United Kingdom

Sometimes, obstacle courses shouldn’t be made from the most difficult training for it to become challenging. Take the Dirty Double for example. It’s a course made up of 400 obstacles which you’ll do within 40 miles. What makes this course unique is that its obstacles are so basic – you have to pass through the world’s longest monkey bars, swim a lake and carry a traffic cone while sprinting – but are still physically demanding. Once you get through the obstacles, you can join the after party where you get to see top bands perform live. All of your efforts are rewarded at the end of the day.

  • Distance: 64km
  1. Ridiculous Race in Australia

Reading through its name, you can immediately tell that this one’s a lower league from all the other courses and challenges previously mentioned. But if you’re still a neophyte in these kind of fitness tests, this one can be your stepping stone. It’s a TV-inspired obstacle course made up of inflatables. You’ll have to go through 12 obstacles which include a four-story-high water slide and dodging away from a wrecking ball. Prepare to get wet and be covered in foam once you decide to take this course.

  • Distance: 5km
  1. Shale Hell or Polar Bear in Vermont, USA

The outdoor activities you’ve done in the past are mostly under tolerable weather conditions. You’d usually do activities when the sun is shining or if the weather’s gloomy. No one in their right mind would want to go out when the temperature is below zero, right? Well, think again because this permanent course is to be endured during summer and winter, thus the name. It’s a course made up of 80 obstacles, and you’re supposed to go through all of these in 24 hours. The goal is to run the most laps without skipping any obstacle. This course is something to be survived, not only conquer, and you’d better be ready for it.

  • Distance: 10km

  1. The Survival Run in Nicaragua, Canada, and Australia

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and would always want things done to the extreme, this course is for you. The Survival Run doesn’t consider itself as an obstacle, marathon or survival skills event but a combination of all of these and you may need a survival compass along the way. The challenges within the course are built based on the location, which means that obstacles are unique in every location.

There are four sections in every run, and if you don’t finish one section, you can’t proceed. You have been physically and mentally prepared when doing any of these obstacles. For one, you won’t be provided with medical aid or even water once the run begins and the organizers require you to have personal accident insurance before you can join.

  • Distance: 80-100km
  1. Run for your Lives in United States, Europe, Asia and Australia

Aside from testing your fitness, this course can also make you conquer your fear of zombies! Run for your Lives in United StatesThis course has 12 obstacles, but you’ll be chased by zombies while you’re going through the courses. You’ll be given a flag at the start of the race and zombies will try to get that from you. The goal is to finish the course with that flag still in your hand because if not, you’ll turn into a zombie. Rules prohibit you from bringing your own ax to get rid of the zombies – you’ll have to rely on your cardio to be saved. But if you don’t want to be chased by zombies, you can sign up to become a zombie. You’ll get the chance to run around chasing and scaring athletes.

  • Distance: 15k


It’s very commendable that you’re seeking new ways to test your fitness because not everyone has this interest. But you don’t have to worry because regardless of the fitness level you might have right now, there are places around the globe which can give you what you want and need. If this is your first time to do something like this, don’t pressure yourself into winning. Remember to always have fun and use all of these courses for you to become fit (and better) over time.