Healthy foods that help relieve lower back pain

Healthy Foods That Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

There are many foods available that will help relieve back pain but the challenge is knowing which foods are best suited for your specific scenario. Each back pain is different and each protocol for correct supplementation should be treated appropriately. The first is hydration – many or if I must say the majority of people are not hydrated and do not drink enough water. A general rule of thumb for the correct amount of ounces in water to drink in a day is to multiply your current weight by 2/3 and the result will be the number ounces of water to drink in a day. Also, a quick tip to take with you right now is to add lemon to your water. The benefit of adding lemon to your water in the morning is you’ll be able to detoxify your body of it impurities and also to cleanse any acid buildup that could be occurring in your body. The goal is to alkalize your body and drink water with lemon.

Furthermore, proper hydration will also help aid from digesting food to fighting off disease as dehydration creates a lot of problems such as fatigue to headaches. Now, the bones in your spine have several cushion layers or known as discs between them. These discs are made up of a jelly-like substance which almost 90% water. If you’re serious about relieving lower to mid back pain then you must make it a priority to drink high quality water on a regular basis.

The second probable cause of back pain can be too much inflammation occurring in your body. This is can happen due to eating or consuming too many pro-inflammation types of food. These pro-inflammation types of food can be red meat, highly processed foods or foods with sugar that really have no nutritional content, dairy products, white bread or white pasta. If you would like to receive immediate results for back pain relief, I would recommend in eliminating all dairy from your diet because dairy is one of the top pro-inflammation food groups out there right now.

Eat Veggies to eliminate all Back Pain

Healthy foods lower back pain

A lifestyle where one is surrounded in eating foods that are mostly plant based such things are flax seeds and/or chia seeds. These two foods work like miracles to avoid inflammation and relieve all lower to mid back pain especially when combined with eating high quality omega-3 sources like salmon, black cod, and trout. Remember, the darker the colored greens – the more phytonutrients that are contained in those veggies which is key in an anti-inflammatory diet. A well respected nutritionist once mentioned that if you’re looking for foods that will reduce back pain look to eating carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, berries, and watermelon. When combine these with your high quality herbs such as basil, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, and curcumin – you will be all set to go and on your way to relieving back pain immediately because these foods and herbs are very high in anti-inflammatory properties. A bonus tip to take with you is drinking healthy herbal teas that contain green tea.

If you have any stiffness occurring in your lower back pain like I had a couple months ago, make sure to look into eating foods that reduce inflammation in cartilage in the spine which can help you increase your mobility and ability to perform daily activities with ease. To make your search easier, here are several foods that will help reduce inflammation for this particular case – Kale, spinach, brocooli are all very high quality foods for fighting back pain. There are several ways you can incorporate these foods into your daily practice such as cooking eggs, topped off with spinach, and healthy fats such as guacamole. This particular breakfast will help give you the necessary energy to go crush your day. Another simple meal you can use is eating a kale salad with healthy nuts, healthy fats, and healthy oils such as olive oil. When you combine these two meals, you’ll be well on your way to relieving back pain in no time.

At last, we can not forget our cooking oils. The type of cooking oils we use on a daily basis is very important. Many people might not even think that the type of oils we use consume can effect our health but I’m here to tell you the truth and that is oils such as vegetable oil are downright not healthy. On a daily basis I cook my foods with olive oil that way I’m promoting a healthy back. The reason I use olive oil is for one that it tastes good and the second is olive oil has been found to have anti-inflammatory benefits when eating a traditional Mediterranean diet. Researchers have found the Mediterranean diet to have fewer health conditions related to inflammation such as degenerative joint diseases or diabetes. The overall positives of using olive oil definitely outweigh the negatives so make sure to use olive oil on a daily basis. If you would like to more on several other effective ways to relieve lower back pain, click here for more information.

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