How Cannabis Can Protect Your Brain

How Cannabis Can Protect Your Brain?

Without a doubt, cannabis has become the most controversial plant in the world. Also, people are in support of legalizing this plant across the world. And while some countries have legalized its usage, some countries are still against its usage. What are your thoughts when it comes to usage of cannabis? It is a well-known fact that cannabis does affect your brain, but do you know how? What if I tell you that cannabis has positive effects on your brain?

Let me see if the following benefits can change your point of view.

Helps Brain Growth

There is a process called neurogenesis according to which the human brain never stops growing. Well, certain factors tend to slow down the process but on the other hand, there are some helping in boosting the process. One of those factors is called CBC (cannabichromene), it is a chemical substance present in cannabis.

CBC boosts the neurogenesis and it also plays a key role in the development of new brain cells. After the brain has sustained damage owing to the chronic use of nicotine, alcohol, and cocaine, cannabis is the only drug that helps in the promotion of neurogenesis.

Protects Against Chronic Stress

Protects Against Chronic Stress, How Cannabis Can Protect Your Brain

Cannabis also offers various benefits that offer protection to your brain against any stress. Unfortunately, the kind of lifestyle we all live and long working hours, it is hard to escape stress and tension. These are some key reasons behind the development of chronic stress. Stress is also a key reason behind the development of anxiety and depression.

Cannabis has cannabinoids (CBD) and it protects your brain and prevents damage that is a common outcome of tension & stress. If you are already undergoing stress, why not make the most of the relaxing and soothing effects of cannabis to deal with stress?

Fights Varied Types Of Cancer

Cannabinoids (CBD) contained in cannabis is known to have an anti-proliferative effect on different types of tumors. The key constituent of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol, also helps in killing human glioma cells. This whole course of killing is done by boosting the process of autophagy. It has also been noticed that cannabis attacks the processes of cancer and tumor cells, whilst overlooking the healthy cells. This combination therapy has calamitous effects on the brain cancers along with other cancers.

Treats Alzheimer’s Disease

Treats Alzheimer’s Disease, How Cannabis Can Protect Your Brain

Elder people commonly suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and it is a well-known cause of dementia. Although, it is not confirmed that cannabis is able to improve the memory, has been found that tetrahydrocannabinol has proved beneficial in slowing down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

I know you must be wondering how? Well, it is because of THC, an active compound present in cannabis binds with certain enzymes and then blocking those that helps in the creation of amyloid plaques characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduces Anxiety

Let us assume you are living in a country where it is legal to use cannabis. Now, if you are undergoing anxiety, then make sure you go ahead and try it. Are you asking why? Cannabis has various compounds responsible for cutting down your anxiety and also making significant improvements in your mood.

Reduces Pain Caused By Multiple Sclerosis

Reduces Pain Caused By Multiple Sclerosis, How Cannabis Can Protect Your Brain

THC is pondered to bind to the receptors present in the muscles and nerves and through that, it plays an important role in cutting down the pain caused by Multiple Sclerosis. As per a research, 30 individuals didn’t feel any positive effect of the cannabis in lowering down the pain. But, after smoking cannabis for a week, they did feel relief from the pain caused due to the muscle contractions.

Let me discuss 3 ways in which cannabis can ease Multiple Sclerosis symptoms –

  • Protects your brain – Patients suffering from MS have to face one negative element – inflammation. As and when immune cells are activated, they end up releasing pro-inflammatory proteins known as cytokines. These cytokines are responsible for causing inflammation in the brain. Cannabinoids, present in cannabis, are strong anti-inflammatories.
  • Assists in easy digestion – MS patients commonly face gastrointestinal problems. There are 70% of the immune cells present in your gut and cannabis prove really beneficial for them. Cannabinoids engage with the immune cells and play a pivotal role in shutting down the inflammation in the bowel.
  • Helps in having sound sleep – I know most of us have experienced this when your body is not in your control, you are not able to sleep. Cannabis will help you have better sleep and also sleep for a longer duration.

Offer Relief From PTSD

Cannabis is already used in certain cases of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with its ability to offer a relief from different symptoms of PTSD. As I have mentioned earlier that cannabis can cure anxiety, it also beneficial for alleviating the fear that most of the patients, suffering from PTSD, usually face.

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