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Did you start out 2016 with a resolution to lose weight and spend the year on a crazy journey following the latest diet trends? There were a lot of diet trends and fads that took place in 2016 and here’s a roundup of a few of them.


The 8 Hour Diet

The first and maybe one of the worst fad diets that surfaced in 2016 was the 8 Hour Diet.

The basics of the 8 Hour Diet was that for 8 hours you can eat whatever you want. It doesn’t matter! Bring on the icecream baby! After those 8 hours though, you were not allowed to eat anything at all for 16 hours.

The main problem with this diet is that if you take it literally and eat whatever you like for 8 hours you are not going to be doing anything good for your health.  What you eat does matter, both for staying healthy and long-term weight loss.  Plus you’re going to spend many of your waking hours, hungry and craving your next opportunity to eat.

The Fast 5:2 Diet

The Fast 5:2 is another intermittent fasting diet where for 2 days a week you only eat 500 to 600 calories per day and then the rest of the week you can eat whatever you want.

Some celebs and others have claimed it really works, and if you stuck to healthy foods both during your fast period and the rest of the week you may well have lost some weight.  Many Fast 5:2 dieters struggled with the small amount of food they could eat on a fast day, fitting it into their routines and feeling generally tired and lethargic though.  And of course the temptation is there for a binge on your “normal” days.  Sustainable – only you can decide.

Other Diets of 2016

Besides the fasting diets that swept through the nation there were some other heavy hitters.  There was the Paleo Diet with low carbs, many detox diets, blood type diets and alkaline diets.

Many of these diets are over complicating a very simple process – there is something about them that sounds good or maybe you see a celebrities weight loss and think they have the answer.  But very often they are short-lived, faddy diets and could even cause harm to your body in the long run.

“New” Diet Pills for 2016

In 2016 there were also a huge number of the latest new “hot” supplements out to tempt you. 3 of the biggest ones based on fruit ingredients:

These supplement fads were greatly affected by the fact that Dr. Oz spoke about these ingredients on his very popular television show.  No doubt 2017 will a new range of hot ingredients promoted as the latest new thing to help with you weight loss.

The Key to Long Term Weight Loss & Keeping your Resolution in 2017

Did you try one or more of the latest diet trends in 2016?  And by the end of it, had you lost weight, put on weight or stayed around about the same?  Perhaps losing weight is your new year’s resolution for 2017 too?

The key to long term weight loss is having a healthy, sustainable diet (by diet we mean the food you eat, not a specific plan designed to make you lose weight) and using up more calories than you eat.

Your weight loss plan needs to be something that you can fit into your lifestyle, be flexible enough to cope with changes, but overall be something you can stick to day-in, day-out, month after month for the whole year.   And of course that means variety too…if your foods are too limited you’ll soon get bored and want to quit.

Eating the right foods (including those high in proteins such as lean chicken and fish) and exercising regularly can help you maintain a well-functioning metabolism and keep your body burning off fat.  Sometimes though you may find you need a little additional help, which is why you get tempted by these fad diets and their latest miraculous promises, right?

How Does Adiphene Help With Long Term Weight Loss?

Adiphene is an all natural weight loss supplement that can help you conquer your diet challenges in a number of different ways.  Here is what Adiphene can do for you:

  • Increases Metabolism for Quicker Fat Burning
  • Binds Fat so It Cannot Be Stored
  • Reduces the Amount of Food you Want to Eat
  • Raises Your Core Body Temperature so Your Body Can Burn More Fat
  • Gives Your Body Fuel and Fights Against Energy Slumps

Adiphene, Adiphene Reviews, Adiphene Review, Where to buy Adiphene,When you use Adiphene you are not going to have as difficult a time getting on a proper diet. You will notice you do not experience those cravings that you normally experience, helping you to stick to the foods you’d planned to eat. If you do eat something that may be fatty the fat binder helps by reducing the amount of fat that can be digested and stored. Your body will also be burning fat more and with more energy you will be moving more.

Long term weight loss happens because of a lifestyle change and Adiphene can help make this transition and new way of living much easier.

Adiphene, Adiphene Reviews, Adiphene Review, Where to buy Adiphene