Looking for a Workout Routine

Looking for a Workout Routine?

A workout routine is something everyone wants. Everyone wants something they can easily follow step by step so they don’t have to go through the guessing game at the gym. A workout routine is not just easier on you but also your body. When your body starts to work in a proper pattern it adapts to it quickly, when your body is in a routinely workout that is properly arranged it assembles itself much faster.

Workout and how you should approach it?

Workout is one of the things everyone in their right mind things about once or twice in a life time. The problem most people don’t take it any further than just the thought is because they don’t have any idea how to start up their workout routine or how to organize themselves. The sense of proper workout is like anything else in life, it comes to you gradually as you progress forward and not all at once. So keep calm and you’ll figure your way out of this confusion.

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Increase work out gradually:

This is one of the most important aspect of training. What you need to understand is that building your muscle won’t come in a day, and that’s why doing what you can’t do and then hurting yourself is just silliness.

 You should always start small in the gym, whether it be on the treadmill or on the bench. Getting yourself hurt won’t get you anywhere but the hospital, so think smart, and start small. Having said that, don’t forget to keep increasing the intensity of your training every single day. Because doing the same stuff over and over again won’t affect change your body. So the simple instruction is, progress intensely but steadily. Let’s say you are throwing punches at the punching bag at the gym. Gradually increase your reps and throw more punches each day.

Sets and Reps:

Sets is the number of reps you do continuously, without stopping of a single exercise. For example, if you do 12 pull ups continuously without stopping, you just did was 1 set of 12 reps of pull ups.

In your exercise, don’t worry about how much reps or how much sets you should do for each exercise. The combined number of sets for each and every exercise should be somewhere around 20.

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Number of Sets and Reps

For every exercise I recommend you do 3-5 Sets in which the total number of reps should be 10-15. It depends on the muscle of your body and the type of exercise that you put your body through.  Again all this is just general talk, it’s up to you and how your body responds for each exercise each day, change the number accordingly to that. Your body might easily do 5 sets of push-ups, yet won’t got through 3 sets of Crunches. It’s all about your body, all this is just an estimation of what the body wants and what it will feel is right.

Time between Sets

The time you take between each and every one of your set is very important. You should wait the least amount of time until your body knows that it’s ready to take more, and you can complete the next set with ease and assurance. Your body will adjust to recover from a set quicker as time goes on so don’t worry about taking too long between sets either.

Looking for a Workout Routine

Exercises you should start with:

Keep it easy, simple and doable. Exercise are your prime goals in your workout and you need to know what kind of workout is going to be best fitting for your body. It’s you who gets to decide, and so start with something small but efficient. You need to target specific areas of your body first, like your core, your hips, your bicep and triceps. These are the muscles you should start your exercise with, focus on them until they are what you want them to be.  This will be a 5-6 exercise routine which is going to involve your entire body. This is what keeping it simple and easy would mean. The exercises you should start with should include hip raises, deadlifts, and straight leg deadlifts, chin ups, pull ups, bodyweight rowssquats, lunges and others which will help you focus on the muscles you want to build first. An easy way to warm up yourself and do upper body weight training is putting on your boxing gloves and throwing punches.

Weight. How much is too much? :

Muscle building is a compound of tough and persistent training. When I say tough I don’t mean you going into the gym and lifting a 200 pound barbell straight away. Weight lifting should be done to the point where you can still keep your arms up later on. It should be heavy enough to give you a challenge but not so heavy that you hurt yourself. It’s always better to do less for a longer time then to do more for a shorter one, I’m talking strongly for exercise here only.

Exercise should be an important part of your life, and if you need to succeed in getting a better body for yourself you need to get organized and come up with a plan quick. Because the more well thought-out your plan it the better out it will run for you.

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