Thighs and Calves Exercises for Women, Thighs Calves Exercises for Women, Calves Exercises for Women

Thighs and Calves Exercises for Women

Looking fit is every person’s dream. The satisfaction that you get from having a healthy body that is devoid of any unwanted fat and not at a risk of many diseases related to health is a liberating feeling indeed.  The people who want to pursue enhancing their physique will need to have everything toned and in the best shape possible.

Thighs and calves are those few neglected parts of the lower body that do not get enough exercises. Usually people avoid these areas since the exercises can be difficult for them. However, be it a man or a woman, perfectly structured calves and thighs look good on anyone. Here are a few exercises that may help you achieve that goal and let you advance in your goal to look good.


These following exercises are meant for people to achieve thinner thighs, lose fat and gain more muscles in that area. Toned thighs give more definition to your lower area of thebody and make your butt look bigger and proportionate.

Thighs Exercises for Women, Exercises for Women

Gate Swings:

Gate swings can be considered a warm-up exercise since it activates your core and sets your body up for tougher exercise. To perform this exercise you would need to place your hands clasped on the back of your head and stand on just your left leg. Your right knee should be bent forward and your leg must be up in the air across your body with your right foot flexed. Then sweep your right leg to the right side then back to its original position while your leg is still in the air. The exercise should be repeated 10 times and then shift positions to exercises the left leg 10 times.

Side Lunge Sweep:

This exercise is perfect for both inner and outer thighs. The crossover between your thighs strengthens your cores and helps your thigh area become leaner. Stand in a straight position with your feet together ankle by ankle. Stretch your leg towards your left side and lower your entire body into a lunge. While doing so, you must bend your left knee and then push your hips behind you. Then push through your left heel and stand back up in a position where you cross your leg in the front of your body. The leg must be above from the floor. Then swing your left leg back to the position you lifted it from and repeat the exercise 15 times. Do the same practice with your right side as well.

Side Shuffle Switch:

This move is a fast paced exercise and it accelerates your heart rate while also working your inner thigh muscles. Stand straight with your feet side by side and keep your arms at your either sides. Following left, right and then left method, take three very quick steps to your right and then lift your left knee up. While doing so, swing your right arm forward. Reverse your shuffle immediately and do three quick steps to your left. You will land in a position with your right knee up and your left knee bent, while your left arm swings forward. Repeat this entire process 20 times at a quick speed, since speed is everything in this exercise.


Calves look beautiful when you have a very flattering physique. The complete your whole fitness outlook and make you look sexier in clothing that ends above the knees. Here are a few exercises that will help in achieving better calves.

Calves Exercises for Women, Exercises for Women

Standing Dumb Bell Calf raise:

This exercise helps you get more definition on the curve that is just below your knee, a muscle known as gastrocnemius.  To perform this exercise you will need to stand up straight while holding a dumbbell in each hand and your arms hanging low on either side of your torso. Raise your heels slightly off the floor without moving your toes and contract your calves as you do so. After holding the position for as long as you take one full breath in, get your feet back on the floor. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Tip-Toe Pile Squat:

This exercise also strengthens your glutes, a muscle on your hips, along with toning your calves. Stand with your feet apart as wide as your shoulders’ length, and your toes pointing at a 45-degree angle. For balance, hold your hands together in front of your chest and strengthen your core. Then bend down in a squatting position, lifting only your heels. Don’t squat too low that you lose your balance. Hold that position and then squeeze your glutes into stand up slowly. Lower your heels to the ground when reverting back to your position.

Jump Rope:

Jumping rope works with your calf muscles making it stronger and more defined. The average time for you to jump rope should be around 1 to 2 minute. This time frame for jump rope can be counted as a warm up exercise, however, if you want to do it as a complete exercise you may need to extend your time to 4 to 5 minutes.

Exercising different areas of your body will give you a defined body shape that is flattering and attractive. Just as each area of the body will need different types of exercises to burn fat or build muscles in that area, these exercises can give you a toned lower body. Not only will this help you in looking good, but it will keep you healthy and improve the overall quality of your life.

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