Top 5 Hemp Food Products And Their Health Benefits

Top 5 Hemp Food Products And Their Health Benefits

Without a doubt hemp has various uses and most popular application is being used as a food source. You go to any grocery store; you will easily find a huge variety of hemp food products including – hemp tea, hemp seeds, hemp infusion drinks, hemp milk, and hemp seed oil. These mentioned hemp or cannabis products contains both medical and nutritional advantages, along with hemp’s nutty taste to an extensive variety of consumer products.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds, Hemp Seeds Benefits

Hemp seeds are the nutritious seed in the whole wide world. They have the most concentrated balance of proteins, enzymes, saturated fats, key fats, and vitamins along with a relatively absence of starches, saturated fats, and sugar.

If you really care about your environment and really give great significance to sustainable living and eating, then make sure you eat hemp products and hemp seeds. The main reason behind its immense popularity is the fact that it is one of the most sustainable plants in the world. Moreover, hemp doesn’t deplete the soil and it can be easily cultivated anywhere.

Benefits –

  • Amazingly Nutritious – Technically being a nut, these seeds are very nutritious. These seeds have nutty flavor and they are often termed as hemp hearts. The seeds contain more than 30% fat and rich in two key fatty acids – Omega- 3 and Omega- 6. They are an effective source of protein.
  • Cut down the risk of heart disease – As per a survey, heart disease is one of the key reasons for the deaths around the world. When you eat hemp seeds, it may reduce risk of heart disease through various mechanisms. These seeds comprise of healthy amounts of amino acid arginine used for the production of nitric oxide in your body.
  • Aid digestion – One of the important parts of the diet is fiber and it is often associated with better digestive health. Hemp seeds are an effective source of both soluble (20%) and insoluble (80%) fiber.

Soluble fiber is responsible for forming a gel-like substance in the gut and it is a key source of nutrients for the digestive bacteria. Insoluble fiber helps in adding bulk to the fecal matter and help food and waste pass easily through the gut.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

Hemp seed oil is made via pressing the hemp seeds and it is not appropriate for frying owing to its low smoking point i.e. 160 C/320 F. Hemp seed oil is responsible for offering a balanced distribution of essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the human body. Hemp oil mainly consists of –

  • 1%-4% Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA)
  • 55% Linoleic Acid (LA/Omega-6)
  • 1%-2% Stearidonic Acid (SDA/Omega- 3)
  • 22% Alpha- Linoleic Acid (ALA/Omega- 3)

Benefits –

  • Good for skin – Hemp oil contains right balance of Omega- 3 and Omega- 6 fatty acids and they are helpful in maintaining optimal health of the skin. The oil is also a great source of linoleic acid helping in cutting down inflammation and aids in the treatment of acne.
  • Good for hair – Hemp seed oil contains ceramides. Ceramides are lipids (fat) that offer support to the cellular membranes. These cellular membranes act as gates that allow substances to both exit and enter a cell. In our hair, ceramides are responsible for the prevention of excess moisture leaving the cells. So, to improve the moisture quality of the hair and to have shiny & healthy locks hemp seed oil is important.
  • Lowers Cholesterol – Various studies have proved that Hemp oil, containing essential fatty acids, is responsible for promoting heart health. The linoleic acid is important for lowering down the bad cholesterol and also stops fat building in the arteries.

Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein, Hemp Protein Benefits

Hemp protein is considered as a great alternative to meat for the consumption of protein. The quantity of protein is more than any other meat source and above all it is cholesterol free. At home, it can be easily mixed with juices and smoothies can also be made. Hemp protein is also available in varied flavors such as chocolate and vanilla.

Benefits –

  • Boosts protein intake – With regular intake of Hemp protein, you can easily increase your protein intake. Protein is essential for the human body as it make up various muscles, some hormones, tissues, and organs. They also boost your metabolism and increases the fat-burning process.
  • Good for heart health – Hemp protein contains linoleic acid (an important Omega- 3 fatty acid) and it does prove helpful in the prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD).
  • Boosts the immune system – Hemp seeds contain 65% of globular plant proteins edestin. These globular proteins are accountable for performing enzymatic functions in the blood plasma along with the antibody formation, thus making them important for the immune function.

Hemp Tea

Hemp Tea, Hemp Tea Benefits

Hemp tea, includes both toasted hemp seeds and dry hemp leaves, contain trace amounts of various helpful cannabinoids that may vary as per the species of the plant. But, most of the cannabinoids are not easily solvable in water, so in order to increase the benefits of hemp tea, make sure you have added dry hemp with some alcohol, butter, and oil.

Benefits –

  • Hemp tea is useful in cutting down stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress.
  • Hemp tea can also reduce chronic pain and may reduce inflammation and allergy. This quality makes it popular amongst the patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Hemp tea eliminates nausea and bowel syndrome that are frequently happening to the chemotherapy patients.

Hemp Milk

Hemp Milk, Hemp Milk Benefits

One of another well-known products of hemp seeds is hemp milk, it is available in different flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. With the absence of dairy, it is a great alternative of nuts milk, soy, and traditional milk.

Benefits –

  • Hemp milk can lead to increased mental capacity.
  • Help milk also strengthens the immune system.
  • Hemp contains anti-inflammatory agents and also assist in improving the circulation.
  • Hemp milk gives healthy skin, hair, and nails.

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