Write For us

We are looking to help out trainers & nutritionists (or just knowledgeable writers) to get their name out there by having them write for Health Kart Club.

I haven’t had as much time lately to put up 5 or 10 quality posts per week, and I think the best way to keep giving you guys KILLER content is to have some new voices writing each week on this blog (along with myself)

If you’re a fitness coach, yoga trainers, blogger, nutritionist or a knowledgeable writer that wants to get their name out and get more readers for your website then I’d love to help you and feature you on Health Kart Club.

We are looking for 1-2 quality post per week from a new writer – and I would like someone that is committed for the long term.  If you’re looking to just do this for a month and quit then don’t bother applying.

If you’re interested send me an email info@healthkartclub.com with some of your writing (or videos) and some info about your training style!

I think this will really help take Health Kart Club to the next level – and all the readers will be getting even more great content each week! or on daily basis.

As I said I’m only looking to bring on 1-2 writers so email me ASAP…

Guest Post Guidelines

Article Length: We believe, for good and well informative article, article length should be minimum 800+ words. So we are not accepting article less then 800+ words. Please make sure your article has minimum word count of 800+ word.

Article Topic: Topic of post should be health related like disease, fitness, weight loss, Healthy Tips, nutrition, health, or exercise related. Out of topic article will be rejected immediately.

Make Reader Friendly: Decorate your post by giving subheadings, headings and give bold fonts for key sentences. Use images, Tables where ever necessary.

No irrelevant Links: No irrelevant link will be allowed, this step was taken as our website was hit by major penguin update. Only 1 link will be allowed on relevant keyword.

Screenshot or Video: Decorate your post by giving related Images, screenshot, Instaimages, Instavideos and videos.

No Affiliate link: We do not allow affiliate link anywhere inside article or in any guest posts.

Copyright : If we found you doing this, we will immediately delete your account. Please do not submit any guest post copied from other blog including your own site or blog. we will never publish any such article.

Note 1 :- We can publish your article under the Fitness Articles Tab. Contact us For Plan “info@healthkartclub.com

Note 2 :- If you Need to create your portfolio then we can publish your article on our site free of cost without any back-link. or you are looking for a back-link then you have to pay $20 per post. We Have 20+ Domains for Guest posts. for more details inbox us.