Reasons To Switch To Wet Shaving

10 Reasons To Switch To Wet Shaving

Are you tired of wasting money on those expensive multi-blade cartridge razors that give you razor burn? Why haven’t you made the switch yet to wet shaving?

Why Switch

Over the past several years many guys have been bringing back tradition with double edged safety razors that became popular over 100 years ago.

As you can see from the infographic above there are several reason why one might want to make the switch. One that is not explicitly stated but a combination of all 10, people who switch, begin to really enjoy their shaving routine.

Shaving becomes less of a chore when you start using a safety razor or a straight razor. Of course, there is a little bit of a learning curve but have no fear, this technique has been around for a long time.

The Process

You may find yourself wanting to try using a nice shaving brush to whip up your shaving cream or soap. These are nice because not only do they serve the purpose of lathering your soap, it also exfoliates your skin as you apply it.

Some guys don’t even use a shaving bowl and just lather straight on the face for this reason. This also helps lift your beard hairs up off your skin making it easier for the razor to cut.

You will also get more control when wet shaving. The technique allows you to get a close shave with less irritation.

Multi-blade razors pull up your hair allowing them to get cut below the surface. Because there is only one blade in a safety razor, irritation is much less likely to happen.

However, if you still need to be careful as the blades are sharp! Just remember to go slow in the beginning while you are learning. After a few shaves, you will gain more and more confidence.


Before you know it, you will probably find yourself collecting different razors, brushes and even soaps. When you are first starting out you won’t know what you like.

As you gain confidence you can branch out and try new equipment until you really find the perfect razor for your skin and beard type.

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