Top 10 Hair Treatment Clinics in USA

Hair loss is an issue that has made lots of people its victim. It is not the latest health problem but happens with people from the olden times. However, the changes in the demands of fashion have made it more noticeable than the past. Nowadays, people want to adopt new hairstyles so that they can look beautiful and adorable. They want to up-to-date with upcoming fashion so that others admire them on their looks and sense of adopting the latest fashion.

Expected Causes of Hair Loss
There can be different reasons behind your hair loss. You need to find out the exact reason so that you can find a solution accordingly. Some of the causes of hair loss include:

  • Heredity – is considered as one of the most common factors of hair loss. You need to have a look in your family if hair loss or baldness is running into your family or not. If yes, then you should observe the age from when it is started in the people. After that, you should go for some safety measures to avoid it. You should be very careful in this regard.
  • Medical Conditions – also play their part in leading a person towards baldness. Some of the medical issues that include hair pulling disorder, patchy hair loss, skin disorders, and medical scalp infections. If you are the victim of any of these medical conditions then you are also prone to thinning of hair.
  • Hormonal Changes – or imbalance of hormones have the capability to make a person bald. If you are suffering from thyroid infection or you are going through the process of childbirth then you are prone to hair loss.
  • Medications – are also considered as the reason for hair loss. If you are taking medications for your depression, stress, high blood pressure, heart problem, cancer, birth control. Or arthritis, then there is the possibility that you lose your hair. Moreover, if you are taking an excessive amount of vitamin A then you may develop baldness.
  • Specific Hairstyles and Chemical Treatments – are the reasons for becoming a victim of hair loss. You need to pull your hair tight in hairstyles such as tight ponytails and cornrows. So, this may cause thinning of hair. Moreover, you can adopt hair loss if you are getting excessive chemical treatments for your hair. As hot oil and heating straighteners are used.
  • Some specific hairstyles – such as cornrows and pigtails that pull your hair tight, may cause hair thinning. Also, some treatments require hot oil that may lead you towards permanent hair loss.


In the last decades, people could not find any valuable solution for the hair loss, but with the passage of time different renovations have been made in this regard. Hair transplant refers to the technique that allows people to get their natural hair back. Actually, the hair follicles are obtained from the donor area and implanted in the recipient area. This is how the procedure is performed.

Top 10 Hair Treatment Clinics In USA

Hence, it is a technique that is performed by only an experienced surgeon. It is essential to find some amazing and top-rated hair transplant clinics in the USA so that you can select the best one. Moreover, the clinics are required to be reliable. Read on to know about top 10 hair transplant clinics in USA 2017 and also a recommendation for the best one.

  1. Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center – is one of the top-rated hair transplant clinics in Dubai. They are situated in California and have served 4321 clients till now.
  2. Jeffrey S. Epstein, M.D., FACS – is a trustworthy clinic that has served lots of people. They are situated in Miami. All of the surgeons and their team work under the supervision of expert Dr. Epstein.
  3. LA Hair Clinic – Los Angeles Hair Transplant Clinic – is a must to go clinic that is situated in Los Angeles. They are providing natural looking hair treatments include FUE, FUT, etc. They are considered as one of the best options to adopt for hair transplantation in the USA.
  4. Hasson & Wong Hair Transplant Clinic – is working under the supervision of Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong who are the award-winning surgeons of hair transplantation. They are situated in Canada, USA, and Europe.
  5. Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration–is situated in New York. Their surgeons provide diagnosis and refer the related treatments for the hair loss issue. They are dealing with laser therapy, PRP, FUT, robotic FUE, and other medical treatments.
  6. Great Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration Clinic – is one of the best clinics of getting ahair transplant done in the USA. Dr. Brett Bolton is an experienced surgeon who is serving his services at this clinic. He has featured in the International Journal of the Women’s Dermatology on the basis of his amazing skills.
  7. Ziering Medical – are experienced in long hair FUE transplantation, PRP hair loss treatment, scalp Micropigmentation, Laser Therapy, medical therapy, and manual FUE transplants.
  8. Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplant – is providing services of FUT, mFUE, FUE, and repair. They have thousands of patients those are happy with their services.
  9. Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute – is providing the services of hair transplant in the USA for many years. They are keen to provide reliable and quality services to their patients.
  10. Alvi Armani Beverly Hills – is situated in Canada, UK, and Beverly. Their focus is on the results of the treatment. They are dealing with almost all hair transplant methodsso that all people can get benefit from their services.

Some of the clinics are providing the facility of scheduling the consultation for FREE of cost. Some of them are also providing their reliable services at discounted rates. You need to visit their sites and dig out the reality. Moreover, you should be careful while choosing a clinic to get your surgery done. You need to check their before & after pictures and consult some of their referrals to know about their quality and behavior. Don’t waste your time anymore and get your treatment now.