5 Best Weight Loss Diet Plans of 2017!

Are you looking for the diet plans that actually work? Have you heard about 5:2 or Atkins diet plans? You will glad to know that there are some diet plans that actually work in weight loss. You might be trying some very hard weight loss methods and searching for fastest and easiest weight loss plans. Knowing these methods will help you to achieve your fitness goals within few days. If your weight is 30% more than your actual weight, and you have tried all methods, it is high time that you should change your diet plans and opt those plans that actually work.

Let’s have a look on the best and effective diet plans of 2017. See what sounds interesting and easy to you.

  1. Atkins diet

This weight loss program is a high-protein, and low-carb weight loss programme. As we all know, the low-carb diet plans are always designed to achieve fast weight loss targets. This plan takes at least two weeks and basically depends on your fitness goals, how much weight you want to loss. Another most important aspect of this diet plan is you have to be on high protein diet which means you can take foods high in protein. For example, meat, eggs, seafood etc.

During the first phase, you are on protein, fat and low-carb diet which includes meat, eggs, sea food, butter, cheese, some vegetables and oils.

After the first phase, you need to focus on regular exercise because during this phase, the weight loss is likely to be more gradual. You need to focus on more fruits, vegetables and carbs along with workout to maintain the healthy weight. During first phase, you will lose up to 15lb within 2 weeks and reducing to 2-3lb during phase two.

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During this diet plan, you will be focusing on cutting processed carbs and alcohol from your diet. This diet plan is for those individuals who want to lose weight rapidly. This diet is highly beneficial for normal individuals as well as steroids users. So, even if you thinking to buy injectable steroid cycles for sale or at discounted rates, go for it. This diet is for everyone.

  1. Paleo diet

Paleo diet mainly consists of non-vegetarian foods like meat and seafood, and vegetarian foods such as nuts, fruits, seeds, herbs, vegetables, eggs and spices. Idea of the diet is based on the old eating habits during the Paleolithic period and its hunter- gatherer ancestors, around 10,000 years ago, before the invent of agricultural period. Paleo diet does not include the cereal grains having dairy, salt, wheat, refined sugar, potatoes and anything in processed form. But there is no typical Paleo diet, and it is generally include high-protein diet, low-carb with some variations in consumption of meat and carbohydrates.

By following this diet, the consumption of calories gets lower down which results into reduce in weight. Also, this diet is quite simple and it does not include counting of calories. Some of these diet plans is based on 80/20 rule, resulting into getting at least 90% benefits of Paleo diet if you need to adhere 80% of the time.


  1. 5:2 diet

It is basically an old type of diet plan. This diet resides on one principal, Intermittent Fasting (IF). In this diet plan, you will eat normally for around five days in a week and do not eat at other remaining two days. This diet is quite easy to follow as achieving the goals of 2 days are preferably easy than seven days of strict dieting. Two days of strict dieting is more effective and leads to better reduction in weight, chronic diseases and insulin resistance. Therefore, most of the people tend to follow this diet.

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  1. Weight watchers diet plan

This diet is totally based on various smart points system that help you to know the value of your foods and drinks by telling you the content of the protein, carb fat or fibre in your diet.In this diet, you can have unlimited amount of fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet which mean there no particular fixed ratio. In this diet plan, you will be provided with a weekly smart point’s safety net which is useful for the situations where you go over the allowance, and a workout plan.

This diet includes weekly meetings and highly secret weight-ins. They offer support and motivate you to go for long time results. This diet plan is specially made for helping people that want to lose up to 2lb a week.

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  1. Slimfast diet

This diet is basically a low calories diet replacement plan especially for the individuals that are with body mass index of 25 and over.This diet includes the usage of slim-fast range of products. A person who is following this diet can have three snacks per day.

These snacks may include chocolates, two mean replacement bars or shakes and one proper meal and all are given on the website of Slim- fast. This is totally up to you how long you want to stay on this diet, depending on your fitness goals. Once achieved, you are allowed to have one meal replacement shake a day, approximately two low-fat snacks and two normal meals.

The bottom line is…

These diet plans are studied to be extremely benefits in 2017, offering fastest results in weight loss. You can choose the best diet which suits your fitness goals.

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