3 Ways to Have a Good General Healthy Body, Fitness Article

3 Ways to Have a Good General Healthy Body

A healthy body is where a healthy mind resides. In the presented day world, if you want to achieve anything you should have a sound mind. In our modern world, works have become more related to the mind than the ones that demands your physical strength. As a result most of us have started to have sedentary form of life in which we do not move a lot. This has caused a problem for the humans in general. Obesity is the modern diseases which is affecting the human kind a lot from the past century. Although there is a wide spread awareness about AIDS and harmful effects of smoking and drinking, people are yet to understand about the ill effects of obesity.

A lot of children in the western world and developed countries are facing obesity related health issues. Obesity is an indicator of an unhealthy lifestyle. Are you obese? Do you feel that you are overweight? Is your Body Mass Index higher than 25? If that is the case, then you have to actively seek ways to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

The human mind stumbles to process more than 3 information at a moment. So, let us look at 3 Ways to Have a Good General Healthy Body. This way, you will not be bombarded with information that you do not need or you cannot process.

If you want to know the 3 Ways to Have a Good General Healthy Body, they are as follows.


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Most people do not have control over what they eat. This is a very precarious situation in which people keep themselves in. You should always be in control of what you eat. More importantly, you should have control over how much you eat. If you are going to eat the foods that are good in large quantities, it is going to be harmful to you. For example, red wine is very helpful in maintaining the metabolism. However if you are going to drink your way to glory then you will face the adverse effects of alcohol.

Carbohydrates are energy giving foods that you have to consume daily. However, you cannot eat the same without moderation. One of the most harmful effects of consuming carbohydrates in large quantities is that, extra carbohydrates that you are not using immediately will get deposited in the adipose tissues of your body as fat molecules. This is what increases the fat content in your body. So, you have to take foods in moderation.

Proteins are better foods as they also provide the necessary energy for us but it is relatively harder to metabolise them. Moreover, these substances do not get deposited as fat molecules. This is why; most body builders have a protein rich diet, while they avoid carbohydrates.

Protein rich foods are white meat, eggs, pulses and protein shakes. The foods substances that are rich in carbohydrates are rice, wheat, bread, pizzas, pasta, potatoes, and flour and food items made out of these. Corn is an important source of food in the western world but even corn contains a lot of carbohydrates.


Thirdly, even if you choose the best foods for you and eat them in moderation, there is a high chance that it might affect you, if you are not eating them in the right time. Consuming foods after 20:00 hours is generally not prescribed. However, due to the lifestyle changes, we end up eating after that or even late in the nights. Late night parties and team dinners extend beyond these times. This results in an imbalance in the amount of energy that we need and the amount of calories that we consume. While we need a lot of energy in the morning time and during afternoon, we end up eating very less in this time, due to the pressures of work. On the other hand, during night our calorie needs are very low as we are more in an inactive state. This inversion of need and supply will cause you to starve for the whole day. This will make your body to feel that there is a lack of food and energy in the environment and your body will store the food for future as soon as you eat. As you eat a lot of food in the night, you will not be able to use the extra calories. They get settled as fat in your body.

Apart from the above said important steps in maintaining a healthy body, you need to do the following also.

  • Having a positive outlook is the most important one of the 3 Ways to Have a Good General Healthy Body. A positive outlook towards life is very important for you to have a healthy life. If you are going to think negatively about everything, this will have a very bad effect on your body. So, always have a good positive approach towards life.



One can never fully stress the importance of exercise in regular life. Exercising every day morning for 30 minutes helps us in to regulate the blood flow which keeps our body well oxygenated. This boosts the body metabolism of our body. When every muscle is worked out every day our body muscles get stronger and our body parts will be more flexible. Even if you are strong, if you cannot do what you wish to do, then there is no point in being strong.

Also exercise reduces excessive fat deposition in our body. Sweating during our body activities eliminates excessive salts from our body. Exercises detoxify our body from the chemicals and toxins.

Lower body fat and salt protects us from diabetes and reduces heart attack risk and keeps out body healthy. Our daily activity strengthens our bones, which reduces the risk of arthritis.

Regular exercise helps in maintaining the right blood pressure and it decreases stress hormone, cortical from being secreted in large quantities. This ensures that we are in a good mood throughout the day.

We hope that this article about the 3 Ways to Have a Good General Healthy Body have been of use to you.

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