Keeping healthy while adding mass

Bodybuilding or the act of adding mass to your body is not an easy task. Although adding weigh to the body is quite easy. Adding mass and adding weight to the body is two different aspects while the former being a healthy concept and the latter being an invitation to diseases and disorders within the body. Keeping your body in the best shape while adding mass to it is the best you can do to your body. When adding mass to the body you ensure that your muscles are toned and the internal body parts grow strong and resistant to diseases. When you gain weight you are just weakening your immune system and adding extra weight to your external body parts that make them weak over the course of time. If you are skinny and would like to add mass to your body then you need to make sure that you have the right diet and proper exercises.

Exercises to add mass to your body

Exercises are not only done to lose weight. When you are looking forward to add mass to your body you need to exercise to ensure that you add weight in the right manner to your body. Thus proper exercising forms an integral part of mass gain regimen of an individual. Old muscles are broken down and new muscles are formed in its place which have better mass, are toned and give the body a better shape.

          Strength Exercises

To gain mass in a healthy way you need to exercise in such a manner that multiple joints and multiple muscles work together in a coordinated manner. This will aid in the breaking down of more muscle fibers and in the recovery phase it is possible for the body to build up new muscle fibers which in turn adds to the bulk of the body. The new muscle fibers are strong as compared to the older ones and will provide a toned shape to the body.

           Lift Heavy Weights

Lift weights that seem heavier to you. However watch out for your back; employ a belt while lifting weights and lift only weights that do not stress out your back. Weight lifting will be helpful in strengthening your core muscles that will add further bulk to your body and will aid in the overall strengthening of the body in order to carry the extra weight you are planning to add to your body.

           Increase your rep speed

Building stamina and retaining your form is the basis of a healthy workout. You need to make sure that you increase your rep speed while exercising. One repetition every two seconds is considered as a good rep speed.  Faster repetition will help you build endurance and stamina which will of course help you to carry your form once you have put on the extra mass on your body.

Dietary habits to be introduced to add mass to the body

Your dietary habits need to undergo a drastic change once you have decided to add mass to your body. You need to make sure that your body is replenished with all the nutrients and essential vitamins and amino acids that are lost during the course of the exercise sessions that you have undertaken.

           Eat after every four hours

Generally people follow a three times meal regimen which is not bad for normal health and a normal body. However if you are looking for a toned body while increasing the body mass you need to have something healthy to eat after every four hours. You are working overtime and thus your body needs to be replenished with a continuous source of energy. Your body is losing tissues continuously; there is a lot of wear and tear happening inside the body because of the exercises and activities you are performing. To replenish this you need to make sure that you are providing a continuous supply of proteins to the body to avoid any tissue loss. Be very punctual about the timings of your food. Erratic eating habits will lead to more harm than good.

Broaden the spectrum of your food intake

Avoid having only one kind of food at a given point of time. It is better to have a banana along with an almond shake and a whole grain toast rather than having a lot of banana slices. This will help your body to replenish a wide spectrum of nutrients at a given point of time which will help in the reconstruction of the lost tissues and cells.

Having food dense on nutrients is the best option

It is not really essential to increase the quantity of food. Select food items that have a high content of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in small servings. This will help you keep your digestive system in shape along with providing the body with the essential nutrients it needs. Dried fruits form a great snack that packs all the nutrients within a small quantity.

Choose liquids over solids

Choosing liquids over solids is any day better since they are not as filling as solid foods and pack and distribute the nutrients into the body within no time. 100 percent fruit juices are a great example of liquid foods that add to your body without bloating your tummy. Prefer smoothies over shakes since they can be bolstered with wheat germ, nut butter, carrot juice and protein supplies.

Lifestyle changes to add weight to the body

There are a few lifestyle changes you need to undertake when adding mass to the body. These lifestyle changes may look a bit tough on the outside but once you get into the feel and start adding mass to your body you are going to enjoy and ensure a massive change in your body structure. You need to have something to eat even when you are not hungry. Keep an track of your eating timings. Have an alarm set to eat after every four hours. Avoid food stuff that tickles your taste buds but does not add anything nutritious to your body. Stock your refrigerator and cupboard with food stuff and snacks. Be ready for an upset stomach for the first few weeks since you are going to undergo a radical change in the food intake. Your body fat is also going to increase which needs to be reduced slowly and steadily. You need to ramp up your activities to remain in shape even after you have gained a considerable body mass.

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Jack Feakes is an Australian fitness freak. Jack is a strong advocate of highly nutritious and organic food. Being associated with Buyorganicsonline Jack specifically advocates the use of protein supplies Australia to gain body weight and stay fit in the long run for body builders and even for common people who want to gain body mass over a course of time. Providing tips on health, fitness and body building is something Jack is quite passionate about.


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