Home remedies for different skin types and common skin issues

Home remedies for different skin types and common skin issues

Beauty is more than skin deep, but the texture of our skin speaks a lot more than the beauty – a reflection of our health. Skin is the largest organ of our skin and requires constant care and attention, which will ensure its health. Issues like – blemishes, acne, wart, and dandruff signal something out of balance.

As home remedies are great ways to fix these common problems, but they need the considerate amount of time to work. There are many issues like eczema, headaches and many other everyday ailments that can be treated with home remedies. Before counting on home remedies ensure what kind of issue you are facing and then opt for the required home remedies.

The human body is a complex machine, with lots of processes going on; digging out the cure for every disease may not be possible, but there are many types of research going on related to home remedies. The skin care products may provide temporary and fast results, but it may not be effective for everyone. However, home remedies are effective but provide slow and promising results.

Everyone has different skin types, and there are some home remedies that will be effective for certain issues.

  • Damaged skin

Exposure to extreme natural environmental conditions, smoking, nutrition deficiency and stress can be the reason for your damaged skin. The only ingredient, that would be helpful, is oil.

Damaged skin, Home remedies for different skin types

Apply coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender or almond oil; make sure they are not allergic to your skin. You can also apply oil with the addition of fluid of vitamin E capsule to it. The damaged skin will recover faster.

  • Oily skin

Oily skin, Home remedies for different skin types

When the sebaceous glands of the skin over functions, or the collagen of the pores secrets function more, then the issue of oil skin occurs. The home remedy for this issue is French green clay. They come in powdered form, to which add rose water and apply the paste on the oily skin. Use it daily and your skin will gradually show the results.

  • Dry skin

Dry skin, Home remedies for different skin types

Lack of natural oils in the collagen of the skin may lead to the dryness of the skin. This issue can lead to skin flakes and itchy skin. To treat this issue, try the oatmeal bath. Make the oatmeal into powdered form and add lukewarm water into it. Use it while taking shower daily and dry skin will be treated. Don’t use hot water, as it will aggravate the issue of dry skin.

  • Acne and pimples

They are the common issue for teenagers and adult for both men and women. For some, they are too severe, which makes one feel embarrassed in front of the people. To treat this issue, opt for fresh aloe vera gel on the pimple and acne, thrice a day. Make sure you apply fresh one, as sometimes the synthetic one may not work.

  • Ageing skin

As the years passed by, the elasticity of the skin decreases, and this is termed as the fine lines and wrinkles. Though there are many solutions, of which the famous one is Botox, but it has its own side effects. The home remedy to vanish those lines and wrinkle is an egg. Take the egg white in the bowl and stir it smooth. Apply on the skin and wash it off, after it dries. Be careful with the mixture and remember not to beat it hard.

  • Burnt skin

While indulging in the kitchen or with any electronic device, you may get burned, and the scar appears which remains for a long time or forever. For this, use tea bags; put them in the burnt area and if possible use green tea bags. Squeeze the extra juice from the bad and tie the tea bag around the burnt area with a gauge. Repeating this and it will treat your skin and the scar will be eradicated.

  • Warts

Painful and unsightly, warts are caused by a strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and on like an infection through the skin, that is broken or weakened. Warts do disappear with time, but you can use some home remedies, for effective results. Garlic, oregano, and tea tree oil have antiviral properties, which helps to fight the virus and treats warts quickly. Apply a few drops of oils to the affected area and cover with the bandage.

  • Dandruff

Those little white flakes come from the Skin Essentials of your head. It can be caused by either oily or dry skin, along with poor hygiene. Massage jojoba oil and coconut oil into the scalp, which can help balance out issues of the dryness or even oiliness. Rinsing with vinegar is another effective home remedy that will kill the bacteria causing dandruff or add ten drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo.

The bottom line is…

Skin problems can be treated with innumerable remedies, and many critical skin problems can be cured easily without any side effects. They can be easily done at home and involves no expensive chemical products.